It is the encounter between malt and grain whiskies aged in oak casks lovingly selected and blended with precise expertise that gives it its unique character: rounded and perfectly balanced with generous notes of malt and fruits. Our range of formats means that there is a WILLIAM PEEL whisky for every occasion. Amber. You discover its rounded character with generous notes of malt and fruits.

This whisky is aged first in oak casks to develop the unique character of WILLIAM PEEL, with its generous notes of malt and fruits. The whisky is then poured to a second cask for a second maturation. The first-fill ex-Boutbon casks used for this 2nd maturation develop the rounded aromatic richness of the whisky. Deep amber. A rich, rounded Blended Scotch Whisky that marries the malty and fruity notes of WILLIAM PEEL with the woody and vanilla notes that result from the second maturation.

When the strength of whisky meets the delicious creaminess/indulgence of coffee and chocolatey vanilla notes, the result is an indulgent liqueur: WILLIAM PEEL Delicious Coffee.
Best enjoyed chilled and in delicious cocktails. Gold and amber… You can see how delicious it will be!
The malty and fruity notes of the whisky combine sublety with the delicious creaminess/indulgence of coffee enhanced with chocolatey and vanilla notes.

WILLIAM PEEL Honey is what happens when the strength of whisky meets the sweetness of honey. Characterful with an innate sweetness, it is best enjoyed on ice, well chilled or in cocktails. Honey coloured… a foretaste of the subtlety to come! The attack reveals the fruity and malty notes of the whisky. Then comes the oriental smoothness of the honey’s notes to deliver a rounded finish on the palate.

William Peel

Our winery is a symbol for high-quality winemaking and local tradition in La Rioja. Founded by a team of local Riojanos, it is an established name that carries weight  in the winemaking world. Since the first  harvest we have valued quality over quantity, crafting relatively small quantities of very special and personal wines.

WILLIAM PEEL Spicy shot is the unique combination of the strengh of whisky, the freshness of apple and the fire of spices.To be served chilled as a shot. Over ice with cola. Or in cocktails.

Golden clear liquid. Cinnamon prevails completed by fresh hints of apple and lime. Ends with a peppery blast. Unexpected.

WILLIAM PEEL DISTILLERY SELECTION is crafted in one of the rare Scottish grain distilleries to guarantee its fineness and its authenticity. The wheat and the Lowlands mineral water confer generous cereal aromas and reveal its buttered, biscuit and woody notes Golden amber colour. Biscuit and buttery tones, with a fine woodiness