Spanish Oak tells the story of a product throughout history. A unique brandy that has evolved to adapt to modern times and create a brandy with a young spirit that reflects  in its bottles that combination of tradition and modernity. Two bottles designs, different styles of consumption so you can choose the one that best adapts to you. We understand that this is how you can enjoy a truly exclusive drink.

Spanish  OAK Brandy

Spanish Oak is the brandy you’re looking for, Spanish Oak is brandy reinvented. A liqueur that’s contemporary in colour, aroma and flavour comes together to offer you the perfect experience. With its mahogany hue and medium darkness, it invites you to have a drink. With an aroma of walnuts and tasting notes of plums and raisins, Spanish Oak is the ideal brandy to drink on its own or mixed, since it adapts to any situation, no matter where you are.Escribe aquí tu párrafo.